Why most banks hate Farmers and dont give access to loan


Are you a farmer starting out on an Agri-business without collateral and needs funding/ loan or you need more like a road map to guide your business/investments?

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Most Farmers get frustrated, when they approach a bank or an investor and in the end they were not “given the money requested”.

Part of the reason (among others), is the fact that an average farmer doesn’t speak the financial language of banks and investors.

Your business should be presented in a way that it doesn’t just makes sense to you as a farmer but be able to technically convince banks or investors.

Every Farmer needs a bankable business plan that can be presented to banks, investors or organizations giving grants, such that his or business is considered realistic and valuable enough to attract funding and support it requires.



*_It’s not a rocket science; this is where we come in._*

*We can help you access these readily available funds by helping you to create a Bankable Business Plan with 3 Year Financial Projection.*

Just a little tweak in your approach to your Agri-business can change the trajectory of your business all together. 


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  1. I am into Rice and oil Palm plantation. Chairman, of three Agricultural Cooperative Societies. I am also Director/CEO/Chairman of Agricultural Limited liability Company. How do I get financial support for my Agricultural business?

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