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Toke Makinwa reveals the best revenge anyone can give an ex after a broken relationship

Toke MakinwaReacting to American actress’s breakdown at the 61st Grammy awards of how she was able to succeed, despite her ex-boyfriend telling her otherwise, Toke Makinwa reiterated the story and said moving on from a relationship is the best revenge.

Toke faulted the assertion that having a massive success after a broken relationship is the best revenge ever. Toke Makinwa According to her, there is no power greater than picking one’s self up and moving on.

Toke wrote, “Success is not the best revenge, moving on is. Imagine if she stayed glued to that toxic situation? No power greater than picking yourself up and moving on from it all.

“Your success is not anyone’s payback, stop giving other people that power over you. You still live in the past if you constantly think about them, you don’t have to prove nothing to nobody, “Move on”.

“Keep moving on, it hurts but it’s the only way to true growth. What they think or how your success might make them feel is their karma, let go and elevate”.Toke Makinwa


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