All You Need To Know About Samtech Electroniks Nig Ltd.

Samtech electroniks Nig ltd is a company that deployes solutions for :
1) Interactive white board (IWB)
2) All in one 3D audio visual board, in conjunction with some all other ICT smart gargets like:
3)Portable GPS trackers
4) CCTV ūüď∑ etc.
And also we are ready to give you the best maintenance and repair solutions with good functional support on all your Interactive White board(IWB) and All in one 3D audio visual boards.

The following are the list of products we repair and maintain,they are :
1) Promethan Interactive white board

2) Julong Interactive white board

3) Fitouch interactive white board

4) E Рbeam interactive white board

5) Mimio interactive white board

6) Rainbow interactive white board

7) Voca interactive smart board

8) Clever board 3

9) Imex interactive white board

10) Trace interactive white board

11) IQ interactive white board

12) Genee board interactive white board

13) Hitachi interactive white board

14) Genee board Intech interactive white board

15) Team board interactive white board

16) Samsung  3D all in one audio visual board.
With due sense of honour, we are encouraging you to opt – in for our routine maintenance and repair service of Interactive white board and your all in one 3D audio visual board.
social media handles
Facebook : Samtech Universal Engineer
Instagram :#Samtech75
Whatsapp : 07016507767
Contact :08187907340
YouTube link :
Contact On Jiji Here

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