Nine Health Tips For Nigerians

Nine Health Tips For Nigerians

Premium Times published a piece, in which the journalist gathered 9 tips and tricks to help you adopt healthy lifestyle in Nigeria. The list reads as follows:

Health Tips

1. Take the stairs. Exercising develops muscles and trains heart.

2. Say no to sodas and yes to smoothies. No benefit in consuming that much sugar.

3. Eat your veggies. Adding up salads to your ration does a lot of good to the blood system.

4. Exercise. A bit more than just stairs: a full-scale training in the gym. If you cannot afford the gym, you can work individually.

5. No late dinners or snacking. It causes stomach pouches, which might be unattractive.

6. Avoid fast foods. Evidently. Just no!

7. Drink a lot of water. To wash toxins out of one’s body and to improve complexion, among others.

8. Get good sleep. Both the mind and the soul will be grateful!

9. Routine medical check-ups. Do it every once in a while, like twice or thrice a year, to see the condition of your body


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