”My girlfriend loves sex so much, how do I break up with her” – Nigerian man seeks for advice

''My girlfriend loves sex so much, how do I break up with her'' – Nigerian man seeks for adviceA Nigerian man took to a popular forum to complain about his girlfriend who is addicted to sex and he is confused on how to break up from her.

Read below;

Regardless of how she paints it, all I know is that my girlfriend is obsessed with sex. I’m holding a position now in my fellowship which does not allow me to satisfy her sexual desires (though we’ve had sex before I assumed the office).

She’s an undergraduate and she has many admirers, both on campus and at her fellowship. Considering the way we relate and chat these days, I am afraid she would likely cheat on me sooner or later. And I strongly wish to avoid sex until we get married.

Whenever I say this to her, the language seems distasteful. The sex means so much to her. I love her so much and I wouldn’t want her to offend me by looking for other means to satisfy her sexual needs (cheating on me) while we are still in relationship.

Please how do I break up with her without hurting her feelings? Or, what other advice do you have for me?

Thanks in anticipation

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