How To Get Loan For Startup and Established Farmers

Most Farmers need Loan to Startup their individual farms, On this Post we are sharing a step by step guide on how to successfully get a Loan without a collateral.

To Get this Guide,


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12 thoughts on “How To Get Loan For Startup and Established Farmers

  1. I need loan to start and finish up a 1 Acre plus Animal Farm Ranch at Ondo City area of Ondo State. I already own about 5 Hectres of farmland which I need to use to cultivate other crops as imputes for the Integrated Animal Farm I am about to start except for funding assistance in terms of loan.
    I already have bankable Business Plans for Plantain and Snailery project to kick start the project. . I am working on Grasscutter, Rabbitary and Goat/ Sheep with assorted grow-out festive seasonal birds like Broilers, Turkey and Ducks. I already have a farmhouse with both Concrete and earthen ponds within the farmhouse with accommodation for NYSC corpers in- residence to supervise the entire farm and Ranch in 3 different locations in Ondo West and East Local Gov . Areas of Ondo State. I even have a serviceable 504 Peugeot Car to do local runs and logistics for the project.
    Please can you advise me how to get working Partners & Angel Investors to make my dream materialised….I am a Self -employed above 60years young old man interested in Agropreneur business and interested in the value chain agro-business.
    Ì am A Chartered Marketer by Profession with more than 30 years hands down Commercial Management & Sales Management/Logistics expertise up to General Manager Level in International Comoanued
    in the last 20 years for Logistics and Merchandising Management.

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