England fans boo Spain centre-back Ramos following Salah Champions League clash

The Real Madrid defender has received a cold reception by the crowd at Wembley Stadium for the UEFA Nations League clash
Sergio Ramos received a cold greeting from the England fans at Wembley Stadium on Saturday as the centre-back received a chorus of boos before Spain’s UEFA Nations League match against the Three Lions.

Ramos made few friends in England after his controversial tackle on Mohamed Salah injured the Liverpool star in the Champions League final – forcing the attacker from the contest in the 3-1 Real Madrid victory.

The controversy sparked back to life at the Champions League draw, when, with Ramos and Salah were both in attendance, the Real Madrid man tapped Salah on the shoulder following his UEFA Defender of the Year victory.

Ramos has shown little contrition over the situation, saying his conscience was clear in the lead up to the international contest.

During the pre-match press conference, Ramos maintained he did not mean to injure Salah, and that he was unconcerned over any potential negative reaction in the game.

“I’m not really concerned about that,” he said when asked about the possible reaction towards him from a capacity crowd.

“I never wanted to hurt a colleague on the pitch of course, so my conscience is really clear about what I did that night. I’m not going to be affected by that at all.

“I know the English fans will treat players as they deserve and I’m not worried about that in the slightest.”

If Ramos did hope to escape the fans’ displeasure, he will likely be disappointed as the announcement of his name was met by a loud set of boos.

That derision continued into the game, as Ramos was booed in the early going every time he touched the ball, though it eventually tapered off as the half went on.

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