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FeedMix is an app funded through the World Poultry Foundation that provides the estimated nutritional content of a feed formulation supplied by the user. It comes pre-populated with an Ingredients Library that is based on the average analytical values for each feedstuff. There is natural variation in nutritional content based on season or on different growing and harvesting conditions for any particular ingredient being used, but the values will yield a reasonable indication of nutritional value. Once the user inputs how much of each ingredient they are mixing into the My Diet screen, feedback is also provided on how well the given formulation meets the key nutritional needs of the bird-type being fed.

This App was developed by the University of Georgia and funded by World Poultry Foundation. This App will help you to determine the nutritional quality of a particular feed and ingredients. When that is known, you will be able to use optimal ingredients to make diets for your birds.

The developer of FeedMix App has also deemed it fit to include the nutritional requirements of the various classes of poultry birds such as chicks, pullets, layers, and Broiler.

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This is a nice App that you should really have on your android phone. By the way, I have it installed on my phone. To use this App, watch thisĀ YouTube video.

Download FeedMix on Google Play Store.
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