Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

Canada is known to be one of the biggest agricultural producers and at the same time one of the exporting countries in the universe. Dairy contributes 12% to the major agricultural production in Canada.

Canadian dairy sector put up to approximately $ 18.9 billion annually to the country’s GDP, and also provide nearly 215,000 full-time jobs. Farms in Canada lack adequate manpower due to the small size of the population.

There many vacancies at dairy farms all across the country, both on full-time and part-time basis. Expatriates are also qualified to apply for these positions.  One of the benefits of a foreign worker is that there is possibility to become a permanent resident.


Applicants must possess these qualities;

  • Previous animal handling
  • Previous poultry experience
  • Physically fit and reliable
  • Good communication skill
  • No formal education is needed


These are the designed duties which a dairy farmer/worker is expected to do;

  • Feeding of the cows
  • Administration of medication
  • Packing the waste and making provision for health management
  • Milking of the cows
  • Ensuring that all milking equipment are intact and carefully used
  • Consulting nutritionist or veterinary doctor if there is need to