This article contains some common poultry diseases and treatment that farmers should know to avoid Spread out of Diseases and High Mortality; to be able to control and know the symptoms of this disease. Some diseases, symptoms, causes and treatment are listed below;

  1.   Disease : Lice and Mites

Symptoms:  i. Lice and mites are seen on feathers.

  1. Feather itches bird.

                      iii. Dropping of Feathers.

Causes:  Lice and Mites are caused by Ecto – Parasite.

Treatment: – Clean the Poultry Pen or change litters i.e. saw dust etc.

  1. Disease : Gumboro

Symptoms:  i. Loss of Appetite.

  1. Touching the Ground with the Beak.

                     iii. High Temperature.

  1. Diarrhea

Causes: Gumboro is caused By Virus.

Treatment:  – Vaccinate with IBDV Gumboro vaccine when due; use antibiotic (oxytetracycline or tetracycline).

  1. Disease: Fowl Cholera

Symptoms:  i. distress in respiratory. i.e. respiration; breathing.

  1. High Mortality Rate.

                      iii. Lameness in respiratory.

  1. Sudden Death.

Causes:  Fowl Cholera is caused by Bacteria.

Treatment: – Clean and disinfect the poultry Pen; Dispose dead birds.

  1. Disease: CRD – Chronic Respiratory Disease.

Symptoms: i. Low egg production. (in Layers)

  1. Weakness in Limbs and Joints.

                   iii. Coughing and Sneezing.

  1. Reduction in weight.

Causes: Chronic respiratory Disease is caused by Bacteria

Treatment: – remove infected / affected birds ; use keproflox, terramycin, and keproceryl.

  1. Disease : Coccidiosis

Symptoms: i. dark brownish /orange coloured feaces.

  1. Bloody Eyes.

Causes: Coccidiosis is caused by Parasites.

Treatment : general treatment; Coccidiostat i.e. Coxistat, Keproco, ESBX etc.

  1. Disease: Mareks

Symptoms: i. Droopy Wings.

  1. Blurry Eye and later becomes spotty.

                   iii. Wings and Legs Paralysis.

  1. Poor Posture.

Treatment: – Vaccination at day 1 after hatchery and proper hygiene; No proven treatment to treat Mareks. It is best to prevent it.


Note: if you do not understand this article it is advisable to invite your VET.  Not all the Poultry Disease were Listed, Update coming soon.

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