13 Easy-To-Start Business Opportunities In Agriculture

12. Grass cutter Farming

Grass cutter is the second largest rodent in Nigeria and it is endemic to Africa. It breeds successfully in captivity and is capable of reproducing twice a year with litter size varying from two to six.
They are primarily vegetarian and can be raised to maturity entirely on fresh grasses. They prefer plants with high moisture content and soluble carbohydrate.
Field studies reveal that they do not burrow so they may be caged or reared in a fenced pen on the ground. Grass cutter is worth considering
for use in husbandry in the humid forest where poor grazing and harsh environment limits the performance of conventional livestock.
Ranching of grass cutter as a backyard mini livestock would therefore improve the lot of the peasant farmers, provide an alternative source of animal protein, create job opportunities for urban

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