13 Easy-To-Start Business Opportunities In Agriculture

5 Frozen Chicken Production

Many Nigerians have come to depend on imported frozen chicken for quite a while now and this is in detriment of local poultry industry and the subsequent health
implication because of the long voyage  from Europe or wherever, the imported product are usually preserved with chemicals, some of which are said to be
injurious to health. A lot of people prefer not to go through the stress of slaughtering and preparing live birds because frozen chicken can easily be stored and used at
will, thereby saving time; and many people think it is cheap too. Start-up requirement are space, knives, tables, basins, heat source, stove heater, soap, hand towel, extra hands, freezer and generator .You need to go directly to the chicken farms to source for your live birds cheaply You can also position yourself to supply small
hotels, restaurants and eateries.


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