13 Easy-To-Start Business Opportunities In Agriculture

Maize is one of the most popular staple food both for animals and for crop.
It can be eaten when cooked or dried,shelled and use for animal feeding.It can also be use in making  varieties of food ranging from palp to kunu e.t.c
This is why the importance of maize cultivation cannot be overemphasize in Nigeria.
People are being empowered and made rich through this crop alone as testified by Umaru Zaki of Benue state who make about 2.4Million naira just in maize cultivation last year.
Cultivation of A hectare of maize can generate cool cash for you.This is an opportunity to start your own farm now.
For those people that are interested in taking advantage of this lucrative business but face with one problem or the other either lack of training/experience in this business can contact us.
For those people that wants to make money by going into the business but might be busy to look after the farm,We offer farm management services.
The cost of analysis for our maize cultivation programme and profit to be made are as follows.

This is for maize cultivation
> 1st Stage  Feb14-Mar 7 (3weeks)
> Land     – #5,000
> 1st ploughing    – #7,000
> 2nd ploughing    – #7,000
> Maize seed (16kg/Hectare)
> @ #560/2kg        – #4,480
> Planting      – #3,000
> 2nd Stage Mar 7-Mar 28 (3weeks)
> 1st weeding      – #9,000(#360/chain:  1Ha=
> 2 litre of liquid N.P.K Fertiliser      -#3,600
> Application        -#3,000
> 3rd Stage Mar28-Apr 21 (3weeks)
>  2nd weeding      – #9,000(#360/chain:  1Ha=
> 4th Stage Apr 21-May 14(3weeks)
>  3rd weeding      – #9,000(#360/chain:  1Ha=
> Management fee  – #40,000
> Total Cost = #100,080
> Target yield =5-7 tons
> 1ton= #50,000
> Income =#50,000*5= #250,000
> Profit = #250,000 – #100,080
>            =#149,920

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